(Date: 06th of June 2017)

These terms and conditions form the statutory basis for your use of the offer by You can at any time view the current edition of these terms and conditions under this link and/or process this text with help of the button "Save" or "Print".

Your contractual partner is the company KTsys Solutions GmbH, Am Sonnenhang 14, 94539 Grafling, Germany (in the following: KTsys).

As contact point you have the email address in the imprint, which you can also find at the end of this text.

1. Registration

1.1. You can use the offer by KTsys free of charge after entering the page. Authorised users are any internet users over 18 years of age if they access the service from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, they are bound to use the information exclusively for private purposes. For other uses please contact KTsys first and ask for permission.
1.2. KTsys is offering its service free of charge. Insertion into the KTsys system and placing banner ads makes our customers liable for charge.

2. Use of your personal data

2.1. KTsys is doing business across borders. Various KTsys computer systems and servers are provided in states of the European Union and the USA. Your personal data are therefore submitted to the USA and to states within the European Union to be handled and stored there.
2.2. Your data are solely stored, handled and used for statistical purposes as well as the other purposes mentioned in this section. Your data are not passed on to a third party.
2.3. KTsys is only storing your personal data for as long as is required by legal constraints. Once the storage is not necessary any more, all personal data are deleted.

3. Liability

3.1. KTsys has liability for any culpable injury of essential contractual obligations and with acceptance of a guarantee of quality (§ 444 BGB) according to the statutory provisions. For damages resulting from the lack of an agreed quality, KTsys is only liable for such damages which are to be covered in such an agreement. In all other cases KTsys is only liable in so far as the resulting damage has been caused by gross negligence or intent.
3.2. As far as liability of KTsys is excluded or limited according to the previous terms, this also includes the liability of potential employees, representatives or auxiliary people of KTsys.
3.3. The liability for damages for injuries to life, body or health as well as liability in accordance to the Product Liability Act is not touched by the previous terms in any way.
3.4. KTsys is working under high pressure and with enormous technical expenses in order to deliver data as objective and faultless as possible. Nevertheless mistakes in the data can explicitly not be excluded. For damages of any kind which are caused by the use of supposedly faulty, objectively faulty, supposedly correct or objectively correct data provided by KTsys, KTsys is explicitly not accepting any liability.

4. Letter of indemnity

4.1. Should you culpably violate these terms and conditions or any other applicable law during or as a consequence of using this service, you will keep KTsys clear of any resulting damages, including attorney's fees at the legal cost rate.

5. Termination / Blocking of access

5.1. Should you culpably violate these terms and conditions or the rules of our service description, epecially the terms of use described under article 3 of the rules of our service, KTsys has the rights to exclude you from further use of KTsys without observance of a time limit.
5.2. KTsys is also entitled to block your access to KTsys for your own safety if it comes to the attention of KTsys that your account is being used by a third person without authorisation.
5.3. KTsys is also entitled to block your access to KTsys if your payment is delayed after a reminder by KTsys. KTsys will remove the blocking instantly after receiving the missing amount. The right to terminate the contract for important reasons is not touched.
5.4. In addition, both you and KTsys have the right to terminate this contract about the use of KTsys with one week's notice.

6. Other

6.1. For all legal relationships which result from the use of KTsys, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are applied. The location of the conclusion of the contract is 94539 Grafling, Germany.
6.2. KTsys is additionally entitled to hand the rights and duties resulting from this contract to other enterprises of the KTsys group or to third parties with one month's notice.

Terms of use

The information on the web pages of KTsys is designed solely for private use by natural persons with permanent residence in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Any forwarding or processing of the displayed information is not permitted.
Any systematically automated retrieval of the provided information is forbidden.
KTsys or the respectively named supplier or vendor hold the copyright and all other protected rights to all web pages including source code, layout, software and their contents.
Accessing the web pages, their contents and also only parts of them, may only be performed for private, non-commercial use. Copyright clauses and brand names must not be altered or removed.
Any acts which go beyond this use need a prior written permission by KTsys.
Violations will be prosecuted criminally and civilly and are particularly a reason for injunctive reliefs and claims for compensation by KTsys.

Contact information:
Your contract partner:
David Anderson, Josef Tufan

Telephone: +44 - (0)118 - 934 07 28
Address: 141 London Road
RG10 9HA


Responsible for content:
KTsys Solutions GmbH
Am Sonnenhang 14
94539 Grafling

Represented by: Josef Tufan, Philipp Marks

Office: +49 (0)991 / 2009 2185 0
Fax: +49 (0)991 / 2009 2185 9

Trade register:
Trade register: Trade register Deggendorf, Germany
Registry No.: HRB 3839

VAT ID: DE284785802