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100 ounce silver bar

Silver was mined in ancient times using similar methods to those still in use today. However, there were some key differences. The ore was mined in underground galleries. It was then washed and smelted. The washing tables used were ornate, and some have survived until modern times. These ore-washing sites used rainwater that was collected in cisterns. The ore was then shaped by hand using tools similar to hammers. Today, ore is mined and then processed at refineries. The ore is then smelted, refined, and pressed or poured into its final shape. While modern techniques have automated some of the processes involved, much of the work is still often done by hand. Collectors and investors still value silver as an instrument of finance because it retains its value very well.

Silver bars do not come in standardised sizing for various weights like gold bars do. Each mint produces silver bars according to its own specifications, but each 100 ounce bar weighs exactly 100 troy ounces. This is the equivalent of 3,110.3 grams. Each bar has an inscription on it that notes the mint where it was produced, its weight and its fineness rating. This number varies by mint, but is most often 99.5% or higher. Certain mints choose to decorate their bars more elaborately than others, and some will feature intricate designs on the reverse side of the bar depicting a mint's logo or other images. Kangaroo motifs are often found on the reverse side of bars produced by the Australian Perth Mint.

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