1 gram Gold Bullion Bars for Sale

1 gram Gold Bullion Bars for Sale

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1 gram gold bar

The history of gold reaches as far back as ancient Egypt, but this precious metal was not found in Australia until the 19th century. In February 1823, an assistant surveyor found the first verified and officially recognised gold deposits between Rydal and Bathurst in New South Wales. It would be another 28 years before the first Australian gold rush really began. When 120 more grams of gold were found in Bathurst in February of 1851, it set off a speculating frenzy. Hundreds of diggers arrived within the following three months hoping to strike it rich in “The Land Down Under.”

Those who want to invest in gold today sometimes start with small amounts, such as 1 gram gold bars. No matter which mint these come from, they have a standardised weight. One gram is equal to 0.3 troy ounces. Each bar has a fineness indication, which is most often 99.99% gold. This will sometimes be listed on the bullion as .9999 or simply 9999. Some mints add extra metals to increase the strength of the gold, so a few will be stamped with a different indicator. A one gram gold bar is 8.5 mm in length, 15 mm in width, and .4 mm in thickness. Various mints label their bullion bars differently, but each one lists the same basic information. Each bar will list the material, the weight, its refiner, and will come with an assayer, also known as a certificate of authenticity. Some will feature other inscriptions. The Perth Mint, for example, puts kangaroo motifs on the reverse of its bars.

Features of each bar
Weight in ounces: .03
Dimensions in millimetres: 15x8x0.4

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