5 grams Gold Bullion Bars for Sale

5 grams Gold Bullion Bars for Sale

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5 gram gold bar

The Perth Mint, Australia's world-famous refinery, officially opened in 1899 after several decades of gold discovery on the continent. There were already two mints in Australia, each one a branch of Britain's Royal Mint, but after huge amounts of gold were mined in the towns of Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie, a third mint was needed to refine all that gold and turn it into gold coins. Gold diggers from all over Australia—and from all over the world--deposited their unrefined gold at the Perth Mint during this time to have it refined and minted into coins. During this Australian gold rush, many people became wealthy from their gold finds. The Perth mint continued making only coins until the 1930s. In 1931, England stopped using the gold standard, so the Perth mint began making fine bullion bars. Although coin production did resume shortly thereafter, this mint continues making gold bullion bars in Western Australia to this day.

The five gram gold bar, like all other official fine gold bullion bars, comes in standardised dimensions. This holds true regardless of which mint produced the bar. A five gram bar is 23 mm in length, 14 mm in width, and .7 mm in thickness. Its weight is the equivalent of .16 troy ounces. Each bar has certain basic information inscribed. Each one lists its composition material, its weight,and the name of the refinery that produced it. Gold bullion bars also come with a certificate of authenticity, which are sometimes referred to as an assayer.

Features of each bar
Weight in ounces: .16
Dimensions in millimetres: 23x14x.7

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