1 kilogram Buy Silver bars

1 kilogram Buy Silver bars

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Silver bar
1 kg

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1 kilogram silver bar

The difference between sterling silver and bullion-quality silver is important for potential investors to understand. Bullion is of a higher quality than sterling silver because it has attained a higher level of purity. This level is also referred to as its fineness, and most bullion bars have a fineness level of 99.9% purity. When silver is found in mines, it is almost always mixed with other metals. Refineries separate these metals to achieve the most pure silver possible. Sterling silver, on the other hand, is an alloy designed to achieve maximum hardness. Its purity level is less important than its hardness level. Silver bullion, however, is refined to the highest degree possible to remove those other metals. That is why silver bullion has a higher silver metallic fineness rating than sterling silver.

The one kilogram silver bar will have an inscription that indicates its weight, the name of the mint where it was produced and a fineness indication. Fineness is often expressed as a number ranging from .995 to .999. These indications note the percentage of pure silver content. Because different mints marks their bars according to their own specifications, some will feature less branding than others. Silver bars are not associated with standardised dimensions. For this reason, special editions may be different in both design and dimensions even among bars of identical weight that are produced by the same mint.

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